Server Update

Overnight on October 2, 2021 all hosting accounts were migrated to a new server. Unfortunately the network card on the server was faulty and connection issues were experienced until the issue was resolved mid afternoon on Monday October 4.

If you are encountering Email issues please note the following.

  1. All account settings and email from former server were migrated to the new server. You should not need to make any changes; unless:

  2. If your mail server is set to you are using the old mail server which will be shut down shortly. You must change the mail server to that of your domain as indicated below.

  3. The incoming and outgoing email server you should be using is:

    Example: If your domain name is then your mail server will be:

Mail Server Settings

Here are the complete mail server settings you can use:

Username: this will be your complete email address
Password: this will be the password for your email account

Incoming Server: mail.yourdomain.suffix IMAP Port: 993 POP3 Port: 995
Outgoing Server: SMTP Port: 465

IMAP, POP3, and SMTP require authentication.

Access Webmail

If you are having issues with mail on your device and need immediata access, you may use Webmail.

You can send/receive from here: or https://yourdomain.suffix/webmail (use your domain name and suffix)

  1. You will get a security warning - it is safe to proceed by clicking Advanced and then Proceed to (unsafe)
  2. Login with the accounts email address and associated password
  3. Webmail management opens - select either RoundCube or Horde -- these are mail applications that are web based - similar to Outlook, or Gmail, or other email applications.