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Web Site Development Project - Part C

Build Your Site
Now that you have completed your design document, you may begin to actually build your web site.

Your site must:

During class nine make a five minute presentation of your site (in progress) to the class. Explain how your site achieves its goals and appeals to the target audience. Describe your navigation system and why you chose to do it in the manner that you did.

Your site must be a minimum of 8 HTML documents.
Your site must be complete, no 'under construction', no broken links.

At least one section of your site must require more than one-click by the user to access.

Presentations will be done during class #9. The class will have an opportunity to provide feedback to the presenter.

This assignment is due class 9.

Distance Ed Students -

If you are accessing the course via SharePoint: Please submit all assignments via the SUBMIT ASSIGNMENTS area in the class SharePoint site. If submitting more than one file for the assignment, you must ZIP all files together. If just a single file, no need to zip.

If you are NOT accessing the course via SharePoint: submitting a single file/document please send as an attachment via my RRC email address. If submitting multiple files, you must ZIP all files together and send to me via email as an attachment to my Digital Vertebrae email address. This is due to the Red River Mail server stripping html files.

How to Zip Your Assignments:

Continuing Ed Students at Red River College - all assignments are to be submitted during class time unless you have made alterntative arrangements with me.

created: 2011-12-13