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Web Site Development Project - Part A

Design Document - Introduction, Goals & User Experience
You will be building a minimum eight page web site in this course. All assignments are geared toward the planning and development of your site. The topic of the site is completely up to you. I do recommend that you pick a topic that you are familiar with and that you can easily gather content for. You will not have time to research information, plan and build a web site for your topic. This means if you don't know anything about ancient Egypt, don't use that as your topic.

Good topics include:

Also consider what content you would be able to easily gather for the site. This would include images, and articles written either by you or that you can easily acquire. If you think it will be difficult to get content for your topic, choose a different topic.

One page of your site must be a web based form.

At least one section of your site must require more than one-click by the user to access.

Note: You will not be graded on your knowledge of the topic, only your ability to organize and present your information as a web site.

Following the example of the Design Document template, you will complete the following sections

During class three, you will be making a short presentation on the topic of your site, the goals, identified target audience and competitive analysis.

This assignment is due class 3.

More Information on Assignment 1
To clarify a couple of things on this assignment:

  1. You are submitting the first part of your design document for the web site you will be creating in class. Since it is a document I need you to print it and hand that in on class three.
  2. Specifically you are completing the Introduction, Site Requirements, and User Experience sections of the design document.
  3. The User Experience section includes target audience and the competitive analysis. You must detail a minimum of two target audiences and perform the competitive analysis on at least two web sites.
  4. For the competitive analysis you must have screen shots to support the comments you are making within your document. In addition your competitive analysis worksheets are to be included as Appendix A.
  5. You are not submitting any HTML files this week or with assignment two. Both assignments 1 and 2 are documents. I recommend you use MS Word, Word Perfect or a similar word processing application for its creation.
  6. In class you will present what your site will be about and show us your findings from your competitive analysis process.

To ensure you properly complete the assignment, please refer carefully to the Design Document Template.
Design Document Template MS Word Version
PDF Version

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