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Create an Auto-Biography Web Page

For this assignment you will create an auto-biography page and it is to be completed by week four of the course. Your page must demonstrate:

  1. properly structured HTML document
  2. heading elements for main and sub-headings
  3. paragraph elements
  4. HTML comments
  5. sectioning elements (all with correct semantic use):
    • header element
    • footer element
    • section element
    • article element
    • aside element
  6. style rules provided within an external style sheet
  7. use of font-family, font-size, color as css rules
  8. use of border, margin, padding as css rules
  9. a current picture of yourself
  10. thoughtful content for your auto-biography page

Please take some time and effort to make a page that is not only informative but also allows you to demonstrate and stretch your newly found HTML skills. No one else will see this page but me.

This assignment is due week 4.

Distance Ed Students -

If submitting more than one file for the assignment, you must ZIP all files together. If just a single file, no need to zip. Upload your submission to the Dropbox within LEARN.

How to Zip Your Assignments:

Continuing Ed Students at Red River College - all assignments are to be submitted during class time unless you have made alternative arrangements with me.

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